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25 07 2011

An article about beauty of nature:


New WordPress Theme available


About the new facebook chat:


Nice gravity

21 07 2011

Check this out:

Baby List 2011

11 07 2011

A nice posting about baby names:

Suggest Name Link

11 07 2011

Interesting website about Web 2.0 names.


Here is the Original Website from Suggest Name:


Name Generator Update tomorrow

11 07 2011

Name Generator for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is currently available on the App Store (iPad Version will be released within the next days).

New Version 1.1 from Name Generator is already in the review process at Apple and will be available tomorrow.

I hope to get lots of feedback for this app to continue improving it. So if you are missing something or have any suggestions, please provide your feedback and I will do my best.

Here are some screenshots from newest Update:

Hello world!

11 07 2011

Blogging about Name Generator App.